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Anjaca Lifescent Essential Oils Are 100% Pure, Natural Organic Essential Oils & Expertly Crafted Oil Blends.

Essential oils are the concentrated aromatic liquid extracted from plants such as the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, seeds roots or other volatile plant compounds. Of the many tens of thousands of aromatic plants that grow on Earth, less than 500 of these plants are actually processed for essential oil extraction. Essential oils have been used for millennia for their multiple therapeutic and healing properties as well as their aromatic qualities. Each single essential oil can stimulate vital connections between the body and mind, providing healthy benefits for our well-being including our emotional state as well as our physical wellness.

At Anjaca, our goal is to deliver 100% pure grade essential oils and artisan oil blends for use with our high quality, finely crafted emblematic diffuser jewelry. Our Lifescent essential oils are designed to complement the respective symbolic properties of our diffuser jewelry charms. In this way, you can accentuate the positive attributes of each charm with your favorite essential oil  in order to inspire your imagination and stimulate your senses.

Our Lifescent line of essential oils currently includes 7 oils plus an artisan blend formulation called "Anjaca." All our oils are either certified organic, wildcrafted, or eco-cultivated except in rare instances when a specific essential oil is not available through distillation. An example of this would be our Maine Wild Blueberry diffuser pendant with our paired Wild Blueberry fragrance oil. In such an instance, the specified oil is always clearly indicated as a fragrance oil on the label and in the product description.

Please note that we do not sell oils that are intended for ingestion. All our oils are intended for diffusion. Can essential oils be ingested? Yes? No? Sometimes? Maybe? Internal use of essential oils is a controversial subject. We suggest educating yourself on the safety issues of EO ingestion and the various essential oil choices and their proper usage.

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