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Incanted Happiness Diffuser Pendant Set

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The 5th of the 7 Incanted Pendants of Empowerment, the Happiness charm accentuates the positive attributes that arouse warm, pleasant, cheerful feelings serving to uplift both mind and spirit.

The Incanted Happiness Diffuser pendant symbolizes the sun and sunshine which is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and enlightenment. The color gold has a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, and stimulates mental activity. It also symbolizes wisdom, high-quality and illumination. Combined with the use of our Anjaca blend or our Bergamot essential oil, the Incanted Happiness diffuser necklace is great to wear when you are feeling sad, exhausted, have low energy or just irritated or if you are feeling a sudden bout of anxiety.

This gorgeous diffuser necklace is packaged with a beautifully illustrated Story of Anjaca booklet, a necklace information card describing its symbolic meaning, usage and care instructions, complimentary bottles of both our Anjaca blend and Bergamot essential oil, ten highly absorbent felt pads, a velvet pouch, and an elegant designer jewelry box. (See photo.)

This necklace is sure to get noticed as its simple but very elegant design is an attention-getter.

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