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The Druid Goddess Brighid

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A Druid Goddess, a Village Priestess, 7 Empowerment Pendants, and a Mythical Lifescent Blend Called Anjaca...

Read the story that inspired the idea behind Anjaca, e.g., to create finely crafted, elegant and emblematic jewelry that combines the many benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils with the important life aspirations of good health, safety, passion, and peace of mind.

According to Celtic lore, the Druid Goddess, Brigid, bestowed upon a village priestess 7 empowerment pendants and a special lifescent blend called "Anjaca." The 7 pendants each signified a key life aspiration which was enhanced by incanting them with the positive aromatic energies of essential oils. Anjaca was the most potent because it was a blend made from 3 essential oils and imbued with special properties including protection, healing, and wellness.

While the story of Anjaca reminds us that spirituality is important – feeling strong, capable, confident and healthy is also vitally essential too.

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