What Is Diffuser Jewelry?

May 29, 2017

Anjaca Incanted Guardian Diffuser Necklace

What Exactly Is Diffuser Jewelry?

Diffuser jewelry is a fashionable, practical way to practice aromatherapy in your day-to-day life. The jewelry itself – necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets and brooches, are designed to safely diffuse your favorite essential oil scent, and most feature symbolic designs meant to empower the wearer with mythic meaning as they wear them.

Why Diffuser Jewelry?

If you are an aromatherapy aficionado, you likely diffuse in your home and office, and you likely use essential oils in your bath, lotions and possibly as perfume. Sometimes, however, it just isn’t practical or possible to diffuse the air around you. You may spend a great deal of time outside or in locations where scents are discouraged. If aromatherapy has become an integral part of your life, you rely on it to keep your mood light, your concentration focused and your nerves calm. Wearing diffuser jewelry is a way to have all of that without imposing it on others. Since the scent is worn close to your body, it won’t be noticed by others unless they are very, very close to you. However, you will still be able to reap the benefits all day long – and nobody else but you needs to know.

Diffuser necklaces

Anjaca Incanted Diffuser PendantDiffuser necklaces are probably the most popular and the most practical of all diffuser jewelry. Worn on a chain around the neck, the diffuser pendant is a locket that conceals a colored felt or fabric pad which releases the essential oil gradually throughout the day. Designs are die-cut into the locket and show the color through the engraved design so that you can easily mix and match to your wardrobe. A few drops of your favorite essential oil on the encapsulated pad will sometimes last for days before having to be reapplied. Alternately, you can mix them up by inserting a different pad with a different scent every day if you like. The heat from your body further activates the scent, but the non-corrosive metal of the closed-back diffuser locket will protect your skin from the potent qualities of the essential oil.

Other diffuser jewelry

Diffuser bracelets and other diffuser jewelry work on the same principle as diffuser necklaces do, only they are designed to be worn in other ways – on the wrist or pinned to your outer clothing, for example. No matter how they are worn, their use and effect remains the same. However, best results are obtained by wearing the jewelry next to the skin where the heat of your body will help to release the fragrance into your immediate environment.

Diffuser jewelry safety

Though we use essential oils undiluted in diffuser jewelry, it is a completely safe practice, as long as you mind some important issues:

Never allow an undiluted essential oil to come in direct contact with the skin. This is important, as essential oils are highly concentrated and contain volatile substances. In short, this means that if used undiluted on the skin, they can cause skin damage, burning or other irritation. Apply undiluted essential oils only to the diffuser pad, then place firmly inside the diffuser jewelry. Wash hands thoroughly after direct contact to avoid further irritation.

Look for diffuser jewelry with a one-piece design. Lesser quality diffuser necklaces sometimes use glue that will eventually erode and leak over time. Most of these will also fall apart sooner than later – best to choose a diffuser locket with a solid back that has no chance of coming apart and causing harm. Not to mention the waste of money – why bother spending your hard-earned cash on something that isn’t going to last?

Choose diffuser jewelry made of stainless steel. Diffuser jewelry can be made of many different types of metal. Gold and silver are high quality metals and will obviously be more expensive, but the best quality for diffuser jewelry can be found in surgical grade stainless steel. This type of metal does not corrode or erode, is hypoallergenic, will not dull and will always maintain its finish. This is important when talking about essential oils as they are highly corrosive and can ruin a coated or plated finish.

Bottom line, no matter how beautiful or expensive the diffuser jewelry might be, keep these points in mind before you buy and you will never be subject to buyer’s remorse!

Diffuser jewelry designs

Anjaca Incanted Guardian Diffuser PendantMost diffuser jewelry is embossed with a design of some kind. Many are purely decorative, but some have deep spiritual meaning, which may create a special connection for the user. You’ll find some common themes in diffuser jewelry design, many of them taking inspiration from ancient spiritual practices or religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism. The lotus flower is a popular theme, as is the tree of life in its many forms. The flower of life, the OM symbol, Celtic knots, dreamcatchers, stars, sun and moon designs and even palm trees can adorn your lockets, the range of possibilities seems to grow all the time – there is certainly enough variety for just about anybody to find something symbolic that they can connect with whether you are looking for deeper meaning, high fashion or pure fun.

Anjaca Wearable Wellness Jewelry

Whether you are new to aromatherapy or a seasoned veteran, Anjaca’s diffuser jewelry collection is sure to stir the spirit. With your well-being and fashion sense in mind, we have created the Seven Incanted Pendants of Empowerment as beautiful diffuser pendants, helping you enjoy your favorite essential oils anytime, anywhere. Browse our collection and check back often for informative and enlightening articles on aromatherapy and wellness.

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