Why Use Diffuser Jewelry: Diffuser Jewelry Benefits for Everybody

February 02, 2017

Anjaca Incanted Vitality Diffuser Necklace

Why Use Diffuser Jewelry?

You are committed to a healthy lifestyle, you put time and effort into treating yourself well and make personal choices that inspire inner peace, joy and serenity in your everyday routine. Aromatherapy is an important element in your commitment to spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. Looking good, feeling great and exuding confidence are among the many upshots of these healthy choices. Wearing diffuser jewelry is a beautiful and functional way to elevate your mindful, healthful practice up to the next level.

Diffuser jewelry is more than just a fashion statement. Simply put, diffuser jewelry is a way to enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy on the go. The therapeutic nature of essential oils can have a profound effect on mood, concentration and emotional well-being. The complex chemistry of these natural plant essences is known to have transformative properties, and what better way to reap their benefits than to take them with you as you go about your day. After all, we are not always in a place where diffusing essential oils into our immediate environment is acceptable or even possible.

Anjaca Lifescent Lavender Essential Oil Cosmetic, Elegant, Fun and Fashionable
Quality diffuser jewelry is thoughtfully designed, many pieces featuring empowering symbolism that has roots in ancient culture. Designs include the tree of life, the flower of life, the Sanskrit symbol OM, a lotus flower, dreamcatchers, Celtic knots and other designs meant to inspire and provoke deep, meaningful memories. There are so many different styles of diffuser jewelry, you can mix and match with your wardrobe. The quality, diversity and versatility of styles and materials allow you to go from the office to a night without skipping a beat.

Wear Your Favorite Scent or Mix It Up
A few drops of essential oil on a pad encapsulated inside the diffuser locket can last for several days with no need to reapply. Since it is not applied directly to your skin, you can change up the pads to suit the occasion whenever you like. Wear a light citrus scent to work and something heady and floral for your date with no need to shower it off.

Anjaca Incanted Wellness Diffuser Pendant Keep Your Scent to Yourself
The subtle nature of wearing an essential oil in diffuser jewelry that is so close to your body keeps it personal and won’t intrude into others’ space. In a world that is increasingly alarmist about powerful scents and potential allergens, the more personal it is the better. You will be able to enjoy your essential oil, but unless somebody is very close to you, they won’t notice it

Diffuser jewelry features a wide range of symbolism, much of it taken from ancient mystic cultures. Each design has deeper meaning that may speak to your spiritual side, promoting a hidden part of yourself that you may not have known even existed. Look at the designs and see which one speaks to you. Each has the potential to awaken and enlighten the spirit. Combined with your favorite essential oil, there is no telling what you might discover about yourself.

Protect Yourself from Unpleasant Odors
No matter where you live, you will likely encounter unpleasant smells. In a crowded elevator, on a dirty city street, unpleasant animal smells, food smells or body odor can be banished simply and discreetly by raising your diffuser jewelry to your nose.

Extend the Life of Your Essential Oils
Since you only need one or two drops on a diffuser pad to last a week or sometimes more (depending on the oil), your essential oil investment will go a long way.

Get the Benefits of Therapeutic Aromatherapy Wherever You Are
It’s not always possible to diffuse essential oils discreetly. To achieve the myriad of emotional and mental benefits of essential oil aromatherapy, all you need to do is wear your diffuser jewelry. Do you have an important presentation or an exam and need to calm down and focus? Are you a naturally nervous individual? Do you have trouble calming a worried mind or focusing your thoughts in order to meditate? Need to ‘get in the mood’ or lighten up your thoughts? Need to deal with a difficult situation or person? Diffuser jewelry allows you to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic aromatherapy no matter where you are. At school, on the bus, in a meeting or a lecture, the inner peace and healing you crave is always close at hand.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy include:

  • The treatment of chronic headaches
  • Lifts the mood
  • Combating mild depression
  • Promotes better quality sleep
  • Calms frayed nerves and encourages serenity
  • Focusing the mind to detailed tasks
  • Boosting energy levels and fighting fatigue
  • Improving memory
  • Fighting addictions and cravings
  • Encourage amorous feelings
  • Boosts confidence

Anjaca Incanted Passion Diffuser PendantNo Need to Apply Directly to the Skin
While there are many essential oils that can be diluted with carrier oils, lotions or other cosmetic preparations, they can still cause skin irritation in some individuals. For those with sensitive or allergic skin, diffuser jewelry is a great way to reap the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy without the oil coming in contact with the skin. Diffuser jewelry keeps the oil encapsulated safely within a locket so that you never need to worry about contact dermatitis or stains on your clothing.

Anjaca Wearable Wellness Fashion: dedicated to your whole-self well-being

Once you discover the many benefits of aromatherapy, we know that you will want to find ways to incorporate it into your everyday life. Wearing diffuser jewelry is just one of the ways you can make this happen. Diffuser jewelry combines fashion and function beautifully while supporting your healthy lifestyle. Whether you practice aromatherapy for spiritual reasons, health reasons or simply because you love their natural scents, there is diffuser jewelry that is right for you. Browse our collection of high-quality necklaces, bracelets and more, and discover a design that speaks to your soul. If you have any questions or would like more information, drop us a note today.

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