A Beginner’s Guide to Using Diffuser Jewelry

April 04, 2017

Anjaca diffuser jewelry pendants

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Diffuser Jewelry

Scent has a powerful physical and emotional impact. Different smells can evoke powerful memories and emotions. The smell of a loved one’s perfume, or the scent of laundry dried on the line in the backyard can instantly bring to mind another time or childhood memories. It can also be powerful reminder of people that they love. Scent can be comforting and relaxing. But scent can also heal physical and emotional wounds. Essential oils which are distilled from plants have many healing properties that can rejuvenate the body and mind.

Aromatherapy, which uses essential oils for healing, is a popular form of complementary medicine. Using diffuser jewelry is a way to harness the healing power of essential oils in a modern way to combat many different types of physical and emotional problems. Diffuser jewelry is far more than just a fashion trend. It is a modern way to incorporate the centuries old practice of using scent for relaxation and healing.

Wearing beautiful and unique diffuser jewelry is a chance to express your personal style while reaping all the benefits that come from aromatherapy. Stylish diffuser jewelry is a great gift for the people that you love. And wearing diffuser jewelry yourself is an elegant way to be proactive about your own physical and emotional health. Many diffuser jewelry pieces are works of art that incorporate ancient art into modern jewelry that can be worn anywhere from work to an evening out.

A Visual Guide About Diffuser Jewelry (Infographic)

what is diffuser jewelry infographic

Why Use Diffuser Jewelry?

Diffuser jewelry are pieces of jewelry like necklaces or bracelets that contain a locket or pendant that holds drops of essential oils. Throughout the day the scent of the essential oil will be a healing presence that can help calm anxiety, improve clarity and focus, help eliminate stress, and help manage the symptoms of some chronic physical ailments.

Essential oils are used in diffuser jewelry because of their healing properties. Fragrance oils, which sometimes are marketed for aromatherapy, should not be used in diffuser jewelry. Fragrance oils may mimic some of the scents of essential oils but they are synthetic, not plant based. Fragrance oils don’t have the same healing properties that essential oils have. Fragrance oils are found almost everywhere. They’re in candles, air fresheners, bath and body products, and even in room sprays. 100% pure grade essential oils are made from authentic plant-based material that have therapeutic properties.

Anjaca Incanted Passion Diffuser Necklace

Diffuser jewelry comes with either a small circle of fabric or a small felt disc that fits inside the locket or pendant. You can apply whatever essential oil you want to the fabric or disc and place it inside the locket. You can replace the fabric or disc with another one containing a different scent as often as you like. Replacement fabric and discs are easy to find. You can build your own scent blends using different essential oils or just use a single scent. Many people like to use blends of essential oils to get the healing benefits of different oils at the same time.

Some diffuser jewelry is made from lava stone and doesn’t contain a locket or a pendant. A drop or two of essential oil is applied directly to the lava stone. Lava stone is porous and soaks up the essential oil. But, that puts essential oil in contact with your skin and can cause sensitivities in some people. Many people prefer to use diffuser jewelry where the essential oils are placed inside a locket or pendant. The lockets and pendants have artful cutouts in the metal to allow the scent of the essential oils to come through.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Jewelry

Wearing aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is a great way to get the benefits of aromatherapy all day long. Being surrounded by the scent of essential oils throughout the day can be invigorating, or calming, or relaxing depending on the scents that you choose.

Wearing aromatherapy jewelry is a wonderful way to combat the effects of anxiety and stress. If you have a stressful day ahead at work choose a soothing essential oil blend for your diffuser jewelry. If you have a big test coming up choose an essential oil that stimulates your brain and gets you energized to face the challenge ahead.

Woman wearing Anjaca Incanted Guardian diffuser pendant

Diffuser jewelry can also help manage the symptoms of serious problems like PTSD or debilitative social anxiety. The essential oil blends that you choose can calm panic and keep you centered when you are struggling. Aromatherapy jewelry can even be worn at night to promote restful sleep and lessen the impact of insomnia or racing thoughts that keep you from sleeping.

Diffuser pendants and lockets are a great option for people that are sensitive to having essential oils placed on their skin. Essential oils should always be mixed with a carrier oil when they are going to be applied to the skin. But even with a carrier oil some people don’t like putting the oils directly on their skin. Diffuser pendants and lockets provide aromatherapy benefits without having your skin in contact with the oils.

How Do You Use Diffuser Jewelry?

Diffuser jewelry is easy to use. Each piece of jewelry comes with a small circle of fabric or a small piece of natural sponge to hold the essential oils that you choose. The locket or pendant has a magnetic clasp that can open. Choose the essential oil or the essential oil blend that you want to use for the day. Apply a few drops to the fabric or sponge. Then place the fabric or sponge into the locket or pendant and close it. That’s all there is to it! Throughout the day the scent from the essential oils will diffuse from the jewelry and work to help you physically and emotionally.

Anjaca Incanted Guardian Diffuser Pendants

If you want to change the scent just use another piece of fabric or a felt disc that fits into the locket or pendant. Eventually the essential oils will fade and you can reuse the fabric or felt. You can even build your own custom scents by applying drops of different essential oils to the same piece of fabric or felt.

If you want to add a pop of color to your aromatherapy jewelry you can choose a piece of colored fabric or a colored felt disc that will complement your outfit. If you are using fabric to diffuse the essential oil, the fabric should be natural cotton or organic bamboo fabric. These fabrics are the best for diffusing the essential oil.

colorful diffuser jewelry fabric pads

If you can tolerate essential oils on your skin you might want to consider using lava rock diffuser jewelry. Lava rock bracelets and pendants work like the locket style bracelets and pendants but they don’t have fabric or sponge diffusers.

Lava rock is a naturally porous rock. When you add a few drops of essential oil to the lava rock the essential oil is absorbed into the rock. The rock then diffuses the scent of the essential oil. But, since the essential oils are placed directly on the rock they may come into contact with your skin. So if you’re using lava rock aromatherapy jewelry make sure that you are using a gentle essential oil like Lavender that is well tolerated by most people.

If your skin is sensitive to essential oils but you like the look of lava rock try using a lava rock pendant and wearing it over your clothes so that the essential oil never comes into contact with your skin.

Is Diffuser Jewelry Safe?

Yes, aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is safe to use. Inhalation is one of the most common methods of using essential oils. Inhalation of essential oils is better than topical application of essential oils for some people that have sensitive skin.

Diffuser jewelry puts out a very small amount of scent. So you don’t need to worry about smelling very strongly or causing a problem for the people that are near you. Unlike strongly scented perfumes, body soaps or other products the plant based essential oils won’t aggravate allergies or sensitivities in most people. It’s safe to wear diffuser jewelry around your kids, or at work, or any place that you would normally go.

The chains used with diffuser pendants and the pendants themselves should always be made from surgical stainless steel. Be sure when you’re buying aromatherapy jewelry that surgical stainless steel is used as the base metal. Surgical stainless steel is the best material for diffuser jewelry although sometimes gold, silver or leather is also used to make aromatherapy jewelry.

Why Diffuser Jewelry Should Be Made from Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Surgical grade stainless steel is the best material for diffuser jewelry for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that surgical steel is tarnish resistant and will last much longer than other materials. It’s durable and will provide years of wear. It will continue to shine and look great without any upkeep or polishing.

surgical grade stainless steel diffuser jewelry pendant

But the most important reason why aromatherapy jewelry should be made from surgical stainless steel is that surgical steel is hypoallergenic and won’t cause a reaction for people with sensitive skin. Many people cannot tolerate jewelry made from metals like silver, copper, or even gold. Surgical stainless steel is the safest material that jewelry can be made from. 316L surgical stainless steel won’t corrode over time and won’t break down even after extended exposure to body heat or oils from your skin.

Pendants and lockets should be made from surgical steel so that the essential oils won’t damage the metals over time. As the essential oils waft out of the pendant or locket from the fabric or the felt disc inside, other types of metals can be corroded or damaged. Surgical stainless steel will retain its integrity even over an extended period of time.

A Very Brief History of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, or the practice of using botanical essences for healing, has been used by many different cultures for thousands of years. Botanical extracts have been found in clay bowls dating back 4,000 years. It is thought that the Chinese were among the first to use aromatherapy for healing. They created incense from plant materials and burned it to create an atmosphere of harmony and well-being. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used aromatherapy for religious practices and as a method of healing emotional and physical problems.

Plants are powerful healers. Long before modern medicine came into being, people used plants in many ways to heal illness and promote a good mental state. The discovery of the process of distillation about 1000 years ago made it possible to create essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from large amounts of plant leaves, stems and flowers. Although some cultures like the Egyptians had a rudimentary method of creating plant oils to use in everything from cosmetics to religious ceremonies, it wasn’t until after the Industrial Revolution that it was possible to create essential oils as they exist today.

When you are choosing essential oils to use in aromatherapy jewelry make sure that the oils you choose are actual essential oils, not fragrance oils. Essential oils are often more expensive than fragrance oils. That’s because essential oils are made solely from plants. Fragrance oils are synthesized from chemicals and mass produced. They have no healing properties. Only true essential oils have healing properties.

Healing with Diffuser Jewelry

Essential oils are used to treat a wide range of emotional and physical problems. Depression, anxiety, and stress are a few of the conditions that people most commonly use aromatherapy to treat. Lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, and peppermint essential oil can all be used to combat depression, promote relaxation, and calm an anxious mind. Sandalwood oil is also a great general purpose essential oil that can address many common ailments.

Lavender is a fantastic general purpose essential oil. If you have never bought or used essential oil before, use lavender essential oil to start with. Lavender essential oil is very gentle and most people do not have skin reactions to it. The smell is light and pleasant. It’s also a good base to use if you want to create custom essential oil blends.

Another great all-purpose essential oil is lemon essential oil. Lemon essential oil provides an energizing and uplifting boost to mental energy and it is great for boosting physical energy as well. Lemon essential oil mixes well with many other essential oils and can be used to create many different custom blends.

Another great essential oil for beginners is peppermint essential oil. Peppermint essential oil can be used to treat insomnia, nausea, and anxiety. It also can be used to treat migraines and headaches. Like lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil, peppermint oil blends very well with other scents.

Here is just a partial list of the many different types of conditions that can be treated using aromatherapy and diffuser jewelry:

  • General stress
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies
  • Neck Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • PMS
  • Chronic fatigue and other chronic conditions
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Postpartum depression

Aromatherapy Jewelry Really Is for Everyone

Whether you suffer from a chronic physical or mental condition or just want to be happier, more relaxed and less stressed, you should consider trying aromatherapy jewelry. Anyone can wear diffuser jewelry. Men and women, even children can wear diffuser jewelry safely. Because the essential oils are contained in the jewelry and aren’t placed directly on the skin, diffuser jewelry is a safe way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

incanted diffsuer pendants of empowerment jewelry collection

Aromatherapy jewelry is a fantastic gift to give to the people you love for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or other occasions. If someone you love is going through a rough time, a piece of diffuser jewelry used with an appropriate essential oil is a very thoughtful way of giving them tangible support to help them through the struggle they are going through. After the death of a loved one, a breakup, or during a life transition, diffuser jewelry can be a big help to someone struggling with change or common life challenges.

Tips for Buying Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry

When you’re ready to buy your first piece of diffuser jewelry keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for pieces that are made from surgical grade stainless steel.
  • Make sure you have extra fabric or felt pad pieces so that you can change the scent often.
  • Always buy real 100% pure essential oils and not fragrance oils to use in your jewelry.

If you follow these tips you will be able to find some beautiful pieces of aromatherapy diffuser jewelry that will help promote relaxation and peace while also addressing mental and physical conditions that are causing discomfort or pain.

Anjaca Wearable Wellness Fashion: Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. Wearable Wellness

Once you discover the many benefits of diffuser jewelry, we know that you will want to find ways to incorporate it into your everyday life. Wearing diffuser jewelry combines fashion and function beautifully while supporting your healthy lifestyle. Whether you practice aromatherapy for spiritual reasons, health reasons or simply because you love their natural scents, there is a diffuser jewelry design piece that is right for you. Browse our collection of high-quality necklaces, bracelets and more, and discover a design that speaks to your soul. If you have any questions or would like more information, drop us a note today.

Here at Anjaca, we want to encourage you to discover the wonderful benefits of wearing tantalizing aromatherapy diffuser jewelry and learning more about the healing properties of essential oils.

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